About me

My name is
Christopher Tatzreither,
I’m a photographer…

Christopher Tatzreither, Viennese by birth, but Cape Townian by heart, began his creative photography journey around 2005 after selling his first front cover image to a German tourism magazine. After absolving his school career at the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt, he set about pursuing his passion for the visual arts at the Cape Town media school, City Varsity, where he majored in film production techniques.

A decade later, he is still deeply anchored in the creative media industry, offering web development, design, full scale marketing, videography and much more with his company TATZ Creative Media with 3 fellow colleagues.

His true passion for photography has come a long way, yet the world offers an endless amount of magical moments worth captioning.


Although a proper flash is part of the standard equipment, I try not to use my flash but focus on the environmental lighting. This adds a natural flair to the pictures that would otherwise be lost, a kind of integrity that lets the viewer feel as if they are right there at the scene.


From shorts & shirts to smart & formal dress code, I’m an expert at blending in. If you want a photographer that looks like one of the guests, that’s me. For the best results I like to meet with clients prior to the shoot to get your specific view on things.


Starting off with old school simple setups, such as film reels & by hand development to early digital photography, I’m now fortunate enough to have my own quality equipment to fit the occasion. From the right lighting for a photoshoot, to film and photography, I have the tech to support the talent.


Having plenty of experience with electrical lighting for studio or the outside, I utilize my mobile softbox lighting set to create the right results without enormous amounts of electricity and effort.


Having the given nickname “Fly-On-The-Wall”, I enjoy blending in with my environment and stealthily observing everything with the finger on the photo shutter button. The slightest micro expression of a smile will get captured on camera.


Having over 10 years of experience in photography has taught me that there are an infinity of great techniques to capture the moment. I am the first to admit that the model makes the picture just as much as the photographer’s skill. Therefor my sessions are a journey not a structured tour.