Metal4Africa Winterfest 2019

Metal4Africa is South Africa’s largest bi-annual heavy metal festival. Originally it took place in the beautiful town of Stellebosch, at the Klein Libertas theatre. After Klein Libertas burned down the festival was moved to Belleville industrial area. With this new venue also came a new scenery and a great new place to explore with the lens. Over the years I became more active in the metal scene as a gig photographer, taking photos of the bands and the crowd. My passion for the metal and its people helped me to refine my craft and motivate me to realize my full potential. Portraits that happen in the moment, a myriad of micro expressions, that second captured in time is what I enjoy the most.

With passion comes responsibility and that is why for some time now I’ve been responsible for the M4A photo booth. This year we tried to up our game and to attract more customers to the photo booth with 3 different packages to choose from. The photo booth doubles as a meet and greet station for fans to take pics with their favorite bands. Every year we come up with new ways of improving the service. Metal4Africa is a living and breathing entity that, though being very organized, still has an organic feel to each event. Morphing into its new evolutionary direction while keeping the values of the events mission intact.